Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm back in the country

....and loving every minute of it. Oh yeah.

Ok so Adda and I went to the office for some briefing from Ganee n Syuk today. Before that, thousand apologies to Adda sebab kena tunggu sejam lebih. Sesungguhnya aku tak sengaja. Kalau bukan bulan posa aku dah belanja ko makan sushi ok bebeh walaupon aku tak makan lelehan daging-daging mentah itu sume... heheheh...

After what could have seemed like hours, we finally got out and headed for Sogo. The goal was to look out (or maybe purchase *ahem*) for a backpack for the notebook. I have the carry case but I like my hands to be free picking and vandalizing other things while walking so...

Well I got one in the end (no surprise there). Okay pick I guess. Because of the price tag only I've planned to use it for another 10 years or so. Heh! Good investment should pay you back right. No, make that a hefty investment. So I'm hoping it will pay me back. I demand it.

Oh I forgot. I was told today that a letter of confirmation will come my way soon. That's a good news. About time too since they send me to Brunei while I'm still on probation. Also I'll get a raise of RM200. A very good news.

Came back home later today stuck in the traffic. You know how it is around 5-6pm here during Ramadhan riiiiiiight. Frustrating. That and one in a lifetime experiece that took place today, only that it's more silly and memorable other than frustrating. Too bad Siti wasn't around to share it with. HAHAHAHA (boley tak aku gelak dulu???)

I mean you CAN get carried away with meaningful conversations aka gossips even with your stomach growling, begging for food and still miss your stop.

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