Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Sungkai bah

Guess what. We broke the fast at a bruneian's last night. Nice people. We on the other hand didn't bring anything as to what the manners say we should have - some kuih or anything. Yeap dengan muka tak malu nyer wehh.... Didn't really want to give them the impression we're so young and don't know how carry ourselves etc you know...



It's one of those adab with tuan rumah la kan. Always bring something especially the house we're going ada orang tua. Those people can tell and to be honest they're the ones you have to impress first right? Not that I'm making a big fuss out of this. Only that what mak said to us adik-beradik once still rings true: "Orang melayu ni kan kaya dengan adat2 resam. Ada cara kita. Walaupun dia kata takpe, buat susah2 je buat air - itu bunga2 bahasa orang2 tua. Kalau orang datang rumah, kena la buat air. Rai tetamu." And Islam teaches the same thing, so.

I know that doesn't fit exactly on my scenario here but you get the idea lah. You have to always know your manners regardless of what people tell you. People come to your house, kena la hidang air. You come to their house, especially to a private party, bring something la to the table.

When we were salam2 I mentioned something like "Mintak maaf la tak bawa ape2 tadi" to the host and she said it's okay. I felt so helpless because there was nothing we could do except to smile sheepishly looking at all the food she prepares herself while walking out of the house. I mean they took the trouble to cook and were kind enough to invite us to join the family, the least we could do is show up appreciative. Showing up with nothing is like "Kami mai nak makan ni. Mana nasi. Kami tak bawa apa2 sebab akak yang yang jemput makan so kami expect makanan dah ada. Takde la susah2 bawak lagi." or anything to that extend lah you get the idea.


Why do I get the feeling like I'm making a big fuss out of this??

...heheheheh.... just so you know, I was writing that piece up there smiling with occasional chuckles....

But anyway it was fun. The family was great last night. I didn't talk that much as I always don't when I'm in a large group of people. But it was so meriah and noisy as you know how a sesi makan2 will go in any kampung. And yea they were concerned that we were not accustomed to cara kampung - duduk bersila on lantai and so on... heheh... Funny how being young and dressed up from workplace get people thinking that way.

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