Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Today is another day I didn't do any real work. Catherine who said she'd come for a discussion with me didn't come. What's going on with me? One week I was barely on the tip of my toe running around working, the other is very plain and boring. Not that the work is completed though. I'm a total lazybum these 2 days....

Tomorrow there'll be a meeting at Petaling which I haven't really prepared for. Theoritically Catherine will do all the presentation and Q&A session. I don't like this feeling with a blank mind. My current mood is perfect. I'm moodless, if that even possible.

And the minutes! They should have hired a proper secretary to do the dirty work lah. Her absence really puts me to a lot of paperwork. I'm not good at dictating and writing essays. Or else I would've luuuuurrrvvveeee at the instant idea of minutes. I'm whining but what can I say. I don't have the bestest job in the world.

I'm seriously falling in love with Mac now regardless of what Anon says... eheheh... A little switching would do good for me. Unix-based, I don't have to keep worrying of malware, virus, etc, ever again. Well, at least for a long time to keep me happy. It's affordable. It looks stylish. I wish they have it in pink though... ihiks! I'm not going to demand a lot of processing power out of it so it'll be perfect for my leisure hours. It doesn't have a mic jock but so what. I'm not going to use it to record music although that's what Mac is famous for besides graphics designing. I won't be able to have pc games there but that' s okay. We have another pc at home for that. Its 256MB RAM is pathetic for Mac's case, I'll just have to upgrade it to 512MB. Sharing files and printers between Macs and pc's is transparent, in case I need to bring it to office since it's sooo portable.

What started as getting a Dell leads to a whole new idea of opening myself to new things. HP is a little expensive and IBM's page isn't really helpful. Then only I thought of Mac. And it bothers me why I've been putting the idea of migrating aside. I know that I'm a fast learner, why don't I put it to the best use?

I remember attending some sort of seminar on Windows, that was in February?? It was when the whole Klang Valley had a blackout. Can't remember. It was mentioned 64bit pc has been around for quite some time. I wonder why it's not widely discussed here. Pricey maybe? Haven't done a research on that really.

Oh it's time to go home. I haven't had the energy to stay back anymore lately. The excitement has obviously gone away since my mood is somewhat unstable. Blame it on the hormones... haha! I'm not being constructive here. That's it. I'm out.

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