Monday, April 11, 2005


I can't believe this! They haven't prepared my GL yet. With such a very lame excuse. I'm having an appointment tomorrow and they couldn't manage the GL. I've submitted the letter a week ago. There's a reason why I submitted it early. So that I could have the GL today? And I was being thoughtful and I have courtesy to tell you earlier? So you can plan your time?? Ring a bell lady??!! Bencinyerrrr...

I asked very politely (as I usually do) and you were rude on the phone. Hey it's not my fault you forgot to prepare it. It's your problem you don't have time for everything. Why the hell do I care if you don't know how to time manage?? I've left message I'd come back to get it on the 11th. The message got to you. So why isn't it ready yet? How dare you blamed me for not reminding you about it earlier. HELLO!!! It's your job to remember your work. So do it. If you're not capable of the task, why the hell they're hiring you in first place? How inefficient! You said it's easy to prepare one, so why didn't you do squeeze some time between your oh-so-busy-and-don't-have-any-time-for-anything-else work? And I thought fine, you probably could finish it by today. But then Mr. Razib is not in to sign it today. Haven't you learned anything working here for years already?? Please don't tell me anymore lame excuses to tackle this. Proactive is clearly not your thing.

My GL is not ready and it's surely not my fault. You want to point to others? Eat me.

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