Thursday, April 21, 2005


I'm seriously being irresponsible and selfish right now. Leh plak luang masa apdet blog. Apsal laaaa banyak sangak mende pending. Sedih mata memandang.

Memo punyer la banyak. Isk! Tak reti ah bab mengarang nih, tatau susun ayat. Satu memo amik masa 2, 3 jam. Kena make sure penerima dapat point + ape bende yang dimemokan tuh mencapai plan yang dirancang. Penin. Penin.

Ari ni stay back lagi ler nampaknyer.... Tempias company. Kalau gomen lain citer.

I'm being critized by a technician on how uncomitted I am to current project. Isk!!! I respect opinions no matter where they come from lah. I listen tentatively but after timbang-timbang, I have my own opinion jugak. Kuasa bukan kat tangan kite. I can't please everyone. Ade sebab kite tak cakap banyak lah. I don't put blame to others because it's not helping wasting energy blaming people. And I take critism positively. Dengar kritik banyak-banyak pon, letih gak. Turun sket semangat nak keje. Why can't you provide suggestion/solutions to the problems instead???

If you don't know already, I've lost a month! Projek nyer pace pun jadi lembab giler. Banyak mende kena pickup to have it geared up again. What you don't know is there are lots of project management and planning and communication going on behind the scene lah. What's more, I'm the only key staff here since Kak Izan cuti bersalin. If showing up upstairs every hour is how you define commitment, suit yourself. I'm giving all I can to help everything runs smooth upstairs.

Kena gi minum sat carik energy balik nih.

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