Monday, July 19, 2004

Typical Monday

Wish it was a Sunday I woke up to this morning. I had a weird dream last night. It was about my father, quite sad but they say what you dream is actually the opposite of what's going to happen. So I'm looking forward to hear good news soon... bila la abah boleh balik umah nieeeeee.....

Mother + I went to Bandar Puncak Alam to take the keys of her new house! It was very small, I doubt it that we could all live there, 6 of us, all grown ups. We won't fit there. The place is good for 2 people only looking at how small it is. The first thing I noticed was the kitchen. It was so small I don't think the fridge could go in there (camana nak masak ni??). And also the bathrooms. I don't like the toilet bowls, must change them to other types of bowls! Everything else is functioning well I guess. While we were there we couldn't figure out how to bring all those stuff in our current house to there because there simply will be not enough space for them! My father's book collection alone would take the entire room. My mother's cutlery + dishes (+ tupperware...banyak weh..). Also our bed sheets and curtains and comforters and etc etc. And our computers and gadgets and stuff... Okay I'll stop worrying. Not that we're going to move in there, not final at least.

Okay I'm all blown up today with our GIS. The boss wants it to be web based. I agree, I can see where's he heading. It's running quite okay but I'm thinking of using open source stuff so it'll cost much less. I'm stuck with projection (okay only GIS ppl understand what I'm blabbering about here =D). The maps won't come out but the background is there. I think it came out but the projection was wrong. And I'm seriously considering my problem is caused by our non-earth maps. I should convert it to earth, shouldn't I? I'll try that later.

That should bring me back to work. I'm out.

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