Wednesday, July 14, 2004

stepping in...

Okay so this will be my online journal from now on. I already have an online journal but I'm going to stop journaling there and continue it here. Or should I say blogging?...oh whatever.... Since it's a little bit tedious doing it manually, I'll just use this blogger thingy to speed things up abit. Also I may move my website to here, slowly that is. I did it when I had all the time in the world and I thought I would be playing with graphics and all and publishing them there. No time now since I have a very tight schedule, both at work AND at home. sigh

What a painful work to set it up! Took me nearly a day to find a suitable skin. And all these skins, they don't provide link for comments. So I thought okay fine, I'll add the comment thing later. So I grab a few codes to try on my dear newly established blog. I decided to go for one skin. Skin was up. Comments link next. I had to struggle a with great difficulty and it was a huge pain in the ass. After some time messing with the code, yay it was a success!!! Was so happy I didn't see there was no archives link in the code! duh...

So I had to try to put the link there. It was a complete mess even though it wasn't supposed to be that hard. Oh well, my eyes + my brain must've had enough for the day then. Thinking that I should take a break, I went out for lunch. When I came back, I changed the entire skin with the one link (the one I like of course) with archives. Comments will go in much much later I guess.

I'm still a blogger newbie so I'll wait for some time before I make changes. It's running fine at the moment so no worries. For the blog, tq blogspot. And for the skin, I'd be forever grateful to the creator for providing it for free. Okay I'm out.

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