Friday, July 16, 2004

Today's Friday...

...and I luuuuurrrrvvvveee Fridays!!!! Will probably go to a some-flower-landscaping-thing carnival tomorrow with mom. Oh I can't wait.

Got back from office late yesterday. Was playing around with this GIS thing and it's killing me slowly everyday. But I like it. I'm one of those crazy mad people who loves working, slogging my butt off. I like being busy, makes me feel like I'm important or something..heheh...

I was visiting a site yesterday (sajer ngulat), there were lots of blinkies there. Oh how I love them. They 're the cutest thing. Reminds me of how much I enjoyed creating graphics for my site 2 years back. I love making graphics actually but don't have the time. It was my favourite activity on computer. Can't commit to anything else now except to work. How sad that is, like I don't have a life yeah? My work is my life now. I'm totally going to eat and breath GIS! haha!

Another book came in my mailbox yesterday. Life of Pi. Am excited to receive the book, will read it soon. That makes it 4 books currently I'm holding to pass them on.

* The Secret WIfe of King George IV - finished this in a day, an excelent read!

* She's Come Undone - this one is hard to digest, have been on it since 1st July

* Four L etters of Love - just started reading

* Life of Pi - putting it on top of my to be read pile

Signing off....

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