Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thinking of changing the blog template

Well coz it's been a while since I really blog these days. This is especially due to the existence of Facebook and Identica/Twitter. I used to blog alot but now any personal post I no longer post it here, only in Facebook. What to do with this blog? It's like a place where I throw code snippets stuff now and then, which primarily is for me, to grab later on.

Twitter is much faster to post, as I don't have to put in so much thought to express myself. It's so much easier to post short notices and pics these days using Twitter. Writing these 2 paragraphs is not easy, I really have to think to compose the words! The days when they are very fluid are over now. I'm getting old.

You know, one other thing that's been keeping me real slow in updating the blog is I kinda have this feeling that I don't have the freedom to write as much as in the old days. Maybe because I'm well aware of the audience of this blog now or maybe I don't have to ramble on as much anymore. See, old age catching up. Arrghh!!


  1. if there is anything too personal for you to publish to the public, u can actually post it up as a private post.that way, you can always read back what had happened in the future, while no need to afraid that other ppl is reading it.:)For me, I never abandon my blog. The main reason is, a short tweet/dent is not enough for me to express what I wanted to say, a long article is only sufficient for me to express what I wish to say.:)

  2. yeah i agree with you, only had not thought of prvate post (silly me) i'm not abandoning the blog, i do have more than 140 char to say sometimes. so i'm keeping this one, but kinda hiding it away from the public, let the main domain display a collection of what i have to say at any given time thanks garfield :P