Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cheap cheap

[caption id="attachment_2172" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="RM19.90 only! Where else, MPH Alamanda Putrajaya where the shelves for English fictions are the same size with their Malay counterparts."]



After sooo many moons, I got this book.

I have quite a long list of books to read but have been resisting the urge to buy any coz I know they'll end up on the shelf collecting dust. I like going to bookstores. I love looking at the bestsellers and new arrivals. Books price here is considerably expensive for me. Average for those 300-pagish is around RM40 where in US it's only USD3.99. What a world would it be if they cost RM3.99 too here. Hmmpphh you wish!

I miss the feeling after reading a good book. I have no idea yet when to start reading this one, I bought it coz I've read Empress Orchid by the same author, and I liked it, and RM19.90 is cheap.

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