Friday, September 18, 2009

I am exhausted

Main cause: not enough sleep for the past week - took the day off today just to catch up with lots and lots zzzzz. I noticed that I've missed alot of social gathering lately. That's bad.

Anyway, went out today to do last minute raya shopping for parents and brothers (I had to or else). Got myself a nice pair of red/maroon baju kurung. Got my red shoes fixed. It's starting to dawn on me how much red is in my life (I have a red bag, red wool jacket, used to have red purse). I like bold colors, but not too striking as I don't like to stand out in the crowd. Somehow red does it for me. I should try some other colors next time, see how I'll like it.

So Muaz is going off to Morocco soon. Instead of winter jackets like I've promised him, I'll give him my current camera since mom already bought him those. Hopefully he'll put it to good use.

On another note, I love men who wears pink shirt! Oh I do. Not those cheap looking pain in the eye pink, the subtle and light and expensive crisp looking pink that makes me want to just go and grab and give him a big hug. Oh the man in pink, can I have a cuddle session with you please?

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