Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grad school (Part 1): AI is blowing me away!

Well, so far at least. So today marks the beginning of my second semester here in UKM. I can't wait for this nightmare to end. 3 more sems to go... hinnnnssssss hinnsss hinss..

Anyway, the AI course - I like the lecturer already, she encourages us to use open source in doing assignments. And she'll tailored the assignments to fit the background of her students. One thing that I like is that she'll fail anyone who doesn't submit assignments even though it carries 40%.

And yeah the introduction to AI that we went through today has made me to look at MyMeeting on a whole new perspective. It's a far fetched thing but I'd like it to be able to tell the user what will happen to his projects in advance, say 3 months early. It would be cool if the system can predict whether or not the action will be taken care of by specific agency or not. So this can evolve to something else, like picking the right agency to implement a task, since the system holds its past performance. Fuyyoh very high ambitions, feeling rather productive at this minute... hahaha.

You know I miss doing integration between systems. Too bad I'm working for OSCC which has a few products but I'm only working on one product. I reminisce the day when procurement department can approve parts purchase by the red light indicator beside its name, and how customer service department can send alerts automatically when reservoir level is too low. Initially there were many independent apps going on there but when it's integrated, great things can happen.

From all these apps, the high level management then only can see, for example, how much they have spent, how much water has been saved, at what pace the water is being consumed, are they ready for the next quarter etc. This kind of thing helped alot in driving the direction the company is going. The point I'm trying to make is, sometimes big bosses they ask for something high level like this when the data are not there to begin with.

Hmmpphhh I've to go, next class is starting.

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  1. you not thinking to build skynet (read:terminator) right?