Monday, July 6, 2009

Some design work I did for some engineer

His company needs a sample folder to send out to his clients/distributors. I like it that he sent out an ODT files to me for any references - felt all warm inside, getting an open document from a non-IT company. He doesn't mind I publish the design here. See, he gets it.

It's a 3 page folder, where you open it like a book and then you can open it again to the right. Inside it should have 18 small samples of tiles of various colors. So a complete folder should weigh around 7kg (I can't hold it for too long, it's like carrying a 7 year old around in one hand :P). It's done purely using Inkscape (so called Adobe Illustrator equivalent).

[caption id="attachment_1881" align="aligncenter" width="574" caption="MSA Worldwide Sdn Bhd sample folder - 18 tiles"]


His client in Dubai, UAE is happy so hey I'm going to celebrate it tonight! There's one more folder need to be done but smaller size.

I just hope, although it's very unlikely, that the printer will accept SVG file instead of AI for a change! Now wouldn't that make a world a better place? Freedom of choice. Either that or a very high resolution PNG.


  1. Nice One!Please make sure that you embed the images in Inkscape. To do so, use "Effects / Images / Embed all images..."SVG 'should' be accepted, because Adobe kinda supports it.You may want to convert the logo's special fonts to paths as well. "Path / Object to Path" just incase the printers do not have your fonts.If the printer doesnt accept SVG, then export as PDF. Do not use a high rez png, because the words will not be crisp.yk

  2. hi yoon kit!hey thanks for that. yea i've embedded all images, and almost forgotten about 'Object to Path' thing!hmm PDF shuld be a nice option.. why didnt i think of that before? :)-nuhaa