Friday, July 10, 2009

I like dark rooms


Man... so many people got 'excited' over me sitting in the dark discussion room, minding my own business, with my laptop on et cetera. Seriously, I have reasons for doing so. It's not a habit of mine to go around looking high and low for any dark place to sit just because I feel like it (ok sometimes I do, what do you expect I'm a woman :P ).

It didn't bug me at first even though it was such a novelty for everyone that someone is sitting in the dark in the office - oh why is she sitting there? What is she doing there? Eric said to Nic once, I've just patah hati. Nice one hahahaha!! So many times I patah hati la then - I must've been living a pathetic life. Last time I sat on the couch in the lobby area to do my work - that raised some questions also but hey, my back hurt those few days. Besides, we have wireless and I have a laptop, why can't I make use of it of being portable? Truth be told, I like coding in just my pyjamas and whatnot, tak mandi, food around the corner, bed is just one feet away.... hmmm... best! Although I agree we need office environment to get certain things done, the feeling like you can do whatever, sit whenever, turn on the tv, feed the fish if you feel drained - fuh! I tell you, it is such a booster. I swear if we had benches and wifi along the corridor, I would sit there and enjoy the greenery and the wind, coding the day away.

Anyway, back to the dark rooms. Hiish, what's the big deal lah. People go to cinemas because it's dark. People go to cc to play games because it's dark. People go for a date at night because it's dark. See people are more comfortable when it's dark. Unless you're such a gay person, we love our comfort zones.

They said looking at the screen in the dark is not good for the eyes? I've found it quite the opposite. Dark themes go easier on my eyes. Dark surrounding makes the screen clearer for me. I don't even have to turn on the screen brightness level all the way up. Maybe they mean something else, but I don't have problems with my eyes (yet). I know reading in the dark is no-no for the eyes, but reading off the screen, lights blaring away, does it considered the same thing?? Hmmmm.

The biggest cons is probably if someone called, I'm not at my place so I'll be considered MIA or hard to reach. Heh! Well, can't say much about this, only that that's why IM is important. Government folks tend to be more traditional I guess. And as an adiitional note, I don't understand people banning IM in their office. If you're scared of your staff chat more that work, there's something wrong with your hiring skills.

So let me just be honest with you. I go to discussion room and lobby because I need peace and quiet, and to avoid this glare on my screen if I sit at my place. The way I work, I can work/think better if it's quiet, especially if it involves urgent matters. And if it's dark, I just want my eyes to see the codes better.

So bottomline is, it's all a matter of preference actually. If you're fine with your place then I'm not judging you. Hey, whatever works. Me, I like alternatives. Freedom of choice, see. I can't thrive in a restrictive environment. Nobody does (unless you like routines). So yeah, whatever works.


  1. hahaha+1 on the dark theme .. (i prefer grey, as white on black can be a strain on the eyes if not designed properly) +1 on bringing down the backlight too .. regarding screen is bad to the eyes, to me its a myth ... the strain was not due to the screen itself, but due to the reduced eye blinking rate of person who stares to the screen ... so, blink regularly :Di work in the dark quite lots of time, but the main reason is pure laziness to turn on the lights after the sun goes down .. haha ..

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