Sunday, June 7, 2009

Animal guessing game

Little assignment I had a while ago, about binary tree. The prof let us choose our own language so I thought of C++, just because I studied it 4,5 years back and didn't freakin remember anything about it.

The problem: Animal guessing game
What I did, the source: in C++

Thought of using classes but was short of time heh!


  1. Abdullah Zainul Abidin7/6/09 10:29 AM

    LOL.. I've just gotta to ask this.. :PIf you didn't freakin remember anything about it (c++), why not just use python? >.< You've got to relearn c++ anyway, might as well just go ahead and learn python.. :DWant me to try to implement it? ;)

  2. please please go aheadcrossed my mind but had some doubt :p (whether i can do it in time or not heheheheh)

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