Friday, May 22, 2009

My Kenzo has arrived!

[caption id="attachment_1604" align="alignright" width="292" caption="I can never live without this!"]


Now I have full collection of 3 bottles of different size... yes!! Thanks Syida for delivering it personally today. Anyway I've always bought perfumes for gifts/own use from her - she gives me good price. RM175 for this one... oklaaa considering RM70 difference in retail price.

It has been one of my favorite scents and I stay loyal to this one. I wish they come in EDP though. With this one I had to spritz 3 times everytime.

I need to get back my camera. I feel lifeless without it. Not that I'm into photography, I just feel incapable without it. I want to take some pictures! Phone cam is really not that satisfying. Now if only I could show you how miserable my room is right now...

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  1. kenzo flowers..aku penah belikan utk seseorg dulu 2 rat lebih tu..tu hari sales kat stadium 80 hengget je..aku mendapat la 1 for men 80 hengget..