Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm aware that most of my blog readers are open source folks. I'm going to write something that is not OSS, so if you want to read, proceed at your own risk. I myself don't blog about all this stuff but I'm doing it this time for a reason - the man (and a chick) behind it is someone I'm proud to have been working with in the past.

[caption id="attachment_1597" align="alignleft" width="330" caption="GCube Free Online HRMS"]



I'm writing to tell you people about this: GCube. It's an online HR system, or so to speak. Currently has 2 modules - Personnel and Leave which I believe is a good starting point for any SMEs. I personally believe in online leave application heh - what's the point of using papers for applying leaves nowadays? It's so inefficient.

So yeah, Ganee, right on!

By chance, if anyone knows any .net programmers, email ganee at gcube dot my. Green Cube is hiring!


  1. Gosh, Nuhaa, tx for the promotion. Guess how I found this post, I was google GCUBE and I found your blog post... wow.. tx again!

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  3. Eu quero gcubes😧