Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am a quiet person

And a very private one too. Believe it or not, I was a class clown when I was 13 for that odd 6 months of my life. I moved on after that realizing there was no fun in it. Sure I had lots of friends and it was fun in a way that I had alot of people to talk to when I felt like it but real friends was what I was looking for. Besides, I wasn't being myself.

I have this one thing about me that bothers me alot. Sometimes it can a be a nuisance, but probably a virtue in some other different circumstances. But still it bothers me. I can be very direct with my words. Now, old friends know this very well and they put up with me everytime (I hope), which I'm very grateful for. New friends on the other hand are very hard to tackle. Usually I end up being quiet as to restrain myself from saying stuff that might hurt other people's feelings. Or sometimes, the words escape my mouth halfway but then I stop and making up other words to finish the sentence that don't make sense and I get these faces staring back at me. To make things worse is my natural tone of voice. If I don't hold eye contact while conversing I swear the person I talk to would think I was mad at them for something. But like I said before, this isn't the case with old friends.

Ok now I sound like I scold people for a living... heh!


  1. Abdullah Zainul Abidin27/2/09 12:17 AM

    Mmmmm.. how long does it take to be categorized as old friends? :)But old friends are great aren't they. They know you inside out and take you for what you are no matter what. But of course, usually you'll end up with not a lot of old friends.

  2. LONG. like 3,4 years

  3. I am a quiet person since school i think, i was not when i was small. In college i spoke to my friends and had lots of good times with them but i wasn't comfortable near new people i.e classmates etc but i learned to be social in my college life, had great times with friends dome of them were even juniors. but after finishing degree i took a break for 2 years. in this time i dint speak to friends or other people much and spent a lot of time playing games. now im going to an institute to take coaching for an entrance exam. 1 of my friend from college and a junior also comes there. but i have a problem now. iv become more quiet and some times im clueless about what to talk . the junior sometimes gives me a weird look, she thinks whats wrong with me as i talk excitedly for a bit then all of a sudden i am all quiet.she is even trying to stay away from me now. i feel unhappy about it. but i don't know whats going on with me i wanna speak up but then im like blank. but i am patient as i am praying and God willing he will help me.