Friday, January 16, 2009

If it's up to me...

... I would grow and sell mushrooms. Yah that's what I'd do. By mushrooms I mean the food, not anything else. I would eat them everyday. I never did like mushrooms, not until I met Adda 2 years ago in 2006 (we stayed together in a house with Siti for 4 months). She would put them in everything we cook, even in sambal udang! Amusing to think about it now but it was good nonetheless. There's so many type of mushrooms. The only one I don't like so far is the one that looks like taugeh. Eww... I couldn't get it to taste nice enough for me to swallow. But yea I put mushrooms in everything I cook these days, well, most of the time. But you can't get fresh mushrooms easily here, not if you're looking at pasar malam. Even at Giant or Tesco, they only have it in cans which always works for me. But I'm not that cerewet (I'm a self-professed low maintenance person). The fresh ones are usually more expensive so I usually give it a pass.

Last Tuesday I went to pasar malam here in Putrajaya. I LOVE grocery shopping! Looking at the seafood that night oh wow - the fish were all fresh, the squids, shrimps, crabs etc. They smell like they had just been brought in from the sea. Last time when I was living with Adda and Siti, our house was near the beach. So you can imagine how excited I was everytime we went to the pasar after work. There were 3 of us so we bought alot for a week. Now I'm only buying for myself - no fun. And I found myself actually like to cook. I enjoy planning my meals everyday.

So I made that caramel pudding again today, without accidents this time, thankfully.





[caption id="attachment_1448" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Had eaten it halfway when I took the pic. Sweeeeeet sweeet thing. The pic didn't do justice, I should've use white plate to bring up the colors."]



I took a panadol today and feel asleep right away. Loooong and deeeep sleep. Woke up at 5! Kinda late to do anything for the day so I just made myself some snacks and wash my clothes and sweep the floor. So now I feel like going to bed early for a change. I'm still reading Band of Brothers. Lots of spelling mistakes but what a book. I'm drawn by the individual experience during WWII, not just talking politics of winning the war. The series was great but the book offers so much deeper insight of what happened. Like LOTR, if you've read the book, you'll understand the movie much better.

Next in line should be my borrowed pilates book and again Cecilia Ahern's Thanks for the Memories. You know I never noticed the book stall in Street Mall of Cyberjaya. The books are new and really cheap. I got 2 books for RM50 that day. If it was a normal bookstore it would've cost me around RM70. That stall has all the new books I see on New Arrival shelf in MPH.

And I finished reading The Child Called It by David Pelzer. If it didn't state that it's a memorial/non-fiction book, I would've thought it was fiction, how brave of the author to put such gruesome details to sell the book. But yea it is a memorial and I was stunned at the end how on earth did he make it alive. Inspiring piece, I must say.

Come to think about it, I haven't registered the books on yet! Alright. Toodles you blog readers - read a book.


  1. wow. looks delicious lah.. bila boleh test ni? hehe

  2. bila bila pun boleeehhhhhhhh.. tadde hal

  3. alalalal.. nak sikettt!!!