Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My steady companions

[caption id="attachment_841" align="alignright" width="300" caption="My red bag"]



I love this bag so much. It has been with me wherever I go, be it travelling or shopping or sightseeing. I've had it since early this year and it still looks good! Great bag. I believe I'll still be using it for the next 2, 3 years. I don't have a lot of bags. At one time I have 3 that I can juggle just for the sake of refreshing the look from time to time.

My other loyal companion is my laptop. I can't live without it. Enough said.

You know what, speaking of laptops, I remember the times when I was at Lava when all senior or on-site developers were given a laptop each. How convenient it was that I could work anytime from anywhere. Really, for those who already used to having their laptops around, imagine one day in the office without it. Or you're using pc for one day instead. This is when you will really miss the mobility and the connectivity. Admit it, you're not alive and ticking without your lappies. Heh. I wonder, with reasonable price of good laptops you can get these days, why on earth companies around the world still stand by the immobile pc. I understand there's pros and cons but I remember enjoying coding on the sofa, dressed in jeans and cute blouse, legs crossed, because we had wifi around the office and I had my laptop. Whenever I felt like munching on something, there were always snacks, biscuits, maggi, chocolate bars in the pantry. Ok that doesn't have anything to do with having laptops, but they sound great when paired together right?

Connectivity from anywhere is great. Of course there were countless staying back/on site hours but there was once this huge migration exercise that was done on weekends. Me, Janice and Ganee were involved. We didn't go to the office, instead we did all the work from home. We didn't sleep for 2 days and we communicated via Skype throughout. The point is I didn't have to pick fight with my brothers to use the pc at home and I had all my resources right there in my laptop (as it should be). We didn't want to go the office coz we knew it's going to be long exercise, we had to eat, and shower and we prefer working in pyjamas in the comfort of our own homes on weekends ok.

Now I'm not saying if we have laptops we should all be working at home on weekends, or working extra hours. I'm saying in times like this, it's good to have all this flexibility on your side, made possible by having a laptop. Some people like bringing their job back to home, or maybe at home they came up with an idea, what a bummer it is to have it saved in thumbdrive/cd only to forget bring it the next morning to work. Hey it happens.

Anyway, working extra hours is not healthy. No matter how much you love you job, you should get out and go to the beach or something. In my case, if I get excited over a task I don't mind spending more time on it on my own. But if it's like my case above, had to work on a weekend, it's good if the bosses notice it and appreciate what you've done. After the migration, the next day we came to the office, there's bouquet of flowers on my desk and Janice's from Ganee with a card saying thanks. Simple but very effective.

Hey I veered off topic. Yea as I was saying, I love my bag and lappie.

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