Monday, October 20, 2008

List of wanties

Headphone for home (Klang) use
My brother took it with him and he left me a crappy one, so crappy such that I couldn't hear anything that comes out of it! The thing he didn't say anything and the next morning he's gone together with my headphone. Things you have to sacrifice for your siblings....


External hardisk casing
The one I have right now is ok except that I can't move it or it will get disconnected *sigh*


I haven't had this since I lost a couple of them 2 years ago.


To stock up movies =P


Revlon 2-way cake in Toast
Alright guys you don't need to know unless you're hip and metrosexual =P . Girls, the one I bought doesn't suit my skin tone, it's 2 shades lighter, I don't want to look like zombies. If anyone wants it, it's up for RM40 (retails at RM60, L'oreal, forgot which shade, will update later)


Red blusher
Need this one badly


MAC shadestick in Sharkskin + Stila Cloud eyeshadow
I want I want I want!


Some lingerie
Oh how I need to update my wardrobe. Money, please fall from the sky to my lap. This is for the greater good of mankind.

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