Thursday, December 27, 2007

This is wrong

One night, some time around 11.30.

Mr. KT: hye Nuha. lama tak jumpa.
me: ye
Mr. KT: bz ke. tido kul berapa?
me: tdo kul 12
Mr. KT: macam boring je. dah nak tido ke?
me: tgh buat keje sket. esok kena buat keje lain pulak.
Mr. KT: Nuha macam mana skang? masih slim ke dah berisi?
me: skang dah gemok. ada la 3x ganda
Mr. KT: he he takpe KT tak kisah pun Nuha sekarang macam mana. jom jumpa

Sounds soooo wrong. Came out from the wrong man. Urggh! Everything about it just so wrong. He even spelled my name wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.


I've been hoping for another man to say those things to me. Tough luck. Ya ya we can't get everything we want all the time but it's not like I want things every other day. Sad isn't it, sometimes the only thing we want most is the one that's the most far fetched.

Then again, what we want and what we need is probably two different things entirely.

Well -- it's not like I want things every other damn day!


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