Thursday, July 12, 2007

when's it going to end....

Aduhai sismi..... di tengah ke'excited'an projek lain, kehadirannya yang lip lap lip lap tu sangat lah memberikan satu perasaan yang amatlah sayu.

I don't know why, lately, everytime sismi comes up, suddenly everything becomes dull. It is just not exciting anymore. That is why the time to build a system shoud not be allowed to go over 3 months. 5 months top. Obviously the researchers who came up with the theory had conducted a very very thorough experiment. By nature, a developer are actually an artist, a very procedural one. They are problem solvers. When you keep on giving them the same problem that has been resolved earlier on, but with different answer everytime, they are bound to get really annoyed and inefficient. If that happens alot, who's to say you're not going to give the same problem again in the future? And when you do, from then on, they won't trust you anymore. When the trust is broken, imagine a broken marriage and conclude from that.

Just when I'm having fun doing something else that's different and organized.


I want to get it off my back and I want to do it right.

So I will stop writing for now and get back to work.

p/s: I just got to know that there's New Seven Wonders of The World. Hmmmm.... macam2.... Statue of Liberty tak menang....hahahahhaha *joget keliling pc*

Update: You know what, I ended up reading Mr. Mayer's blog and borak with Adda instead. No sismi for tonight thank you. Lagipun nyamuk asik kacau, better get under the kelambu fast and have a nice shut eye ok... lalalalala....

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