Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have fever today but still have to come to office.

Now don't blame it on my boss or anything, it's actually my choice.

Once again, jacket Adda menjadi penyelamat dunia daripada hembusan angin ekon yang amatla menggetarkan jiwa. Dahla selalu ujan, mau tak idung ni berair. Takpe Adda, karang aku antar ini jacket gi dry clean. Hahaha. Thank god Ika is cuti-cuti mesia seminggu so I don't really have to worry when I switch off the ekon once a while.

I'm so appalled at the way people take my YM status so seriously... hmmmm.... just when I thought I can have fun statusing meself.

Meself want to get some zzzz. But meself have so much work pending. Meself don't want to do sismi. Meself think sismi is a whole lot of hoax. La la la. So meself will complete sismi at some other time. Because meself is enjoying doing other things. La la la.

Aiyak too much fluid in my nose. Ewww.

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