Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Google Calendar

I'm loving this web app! Big time. Been looking for something to store my work progress and daily report. And it fits perfectly in my grand scheme of things. Hurrah!

Love everything about it. The UI, the functionability, the fast search. Neat. I'm not going to give a review about it here though. For that you should just google.

Oh yeah, the interview update. Hopes are not high. Turned out they were interested in my Mathematics background, and the fact that I have knowledge in water network, pipeline and everything. They're customizing some leakage detector software. Explains alot why he was asking me repeatedly on my little programming assignment back in uni on differentials and integrations. It was in C++. Their work involves lots of formulea and calculations. Hey if the formula is there then it's not a problem at all. That suddenly gave me an idea about something...hmmm.....

And the 2nd interviewer was asking me if I could come out with an app just by using existing components within 2 to 3 days. Was he saying that I won't be creating components? It is hard to believe since requirement ALWAYS changes. It depends on how robust the components is. And how complicated the app is. Well I couldn't say since I haven't looked at them and the time was cut short since everybody was rushing (I was the last person and it was 7.30pm) so I didn't get to enquire further.

It's good if I can go back to my 'root' aka Maths and have it applied in IT. But then I don't know that yet.

Husna is leaving for new job in Setapak - better career prospects. Kak Shairin has left last week - I think it's for personal reason. Bang Din has changed division - can't take the workload. Hmmm... macam ramai plak orang keluar.

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