Friday, August 26, 2005


Why is it so hard to let go???? It was difficult then. It still is now but less. It was kinda abrupt and I still have the tinglings when I think of him. Shit. It's been 7 months!

I know I made some mistakes and I was aware of it but before I could make it all up, it was all over. Sadly I wasn't given any chance to prove myself.

The mistakes:
1. I had (have) some troubles with expressing my feelings aloud.
2. I couldn't cope with too much stress when I started working, hence affecting the people I loved around me for a while
3. I counted too much on my family's opinion

So, there. I'm never going to be perfect. But by God, if I ever, ever, EVER in a relationship again, I will not f*** it up. This I promise you.

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