Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I'm back!!! After 5 days of leave, I'm finally back in the office officially. I worked on my notebook casually in Penang.

Just found out that yesterday was a holiday for us (Thaipusam celebration). It is a national holiday but last week we were told the 25th's would be pushed backward to Saturday as it was a working day. So Saturday would be off and we have to apply leave on Tuesday if we ever needed taking the day off. And suddenly they told me this morning that yesterday was a SYABAS' holiday!

It seemed that others got to know it during the weekend by several calls that made in rush to spread the news. There were people who came to work yesterday because they didn't know!! I was lucky enough because the leave I applied on Saturday could be carried forward to Tuesday (which then I thought was a working day and posted on company's memo) so I was excused from the tormenting pleasure of coming to work and found the office closed.

There are over 1600 employees and they didn't manage to plan in advance. How dissappointing. I don't know what's happening upstairs, the new management team coping with a big company. They're still struggling I guess but for the better I hope.

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