Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Cam dah lama tak apdet blog. I've been busy, I still am, with work that is. Like yesterday, I was runing up and downstairs to make sure the Antaragrafik people were alright with the configurations and stuff. They spent lots of time trying to connect to Oracle through G/Tech but only 1 workstation worked. The rest 3 were being very very stubborn!

There are so many things to be done. On the 13th there'll be a meeting which I haven't prepared the minute yet. I accepted the proposed date without realizing I was supposed to attend a seminar that day. I don't know what my brain has become in the midst of this new project. I reached home at 8.30pm yesterday. Urrghh... now I know how is it the life of a private sector very lamely paid but hardworking employee.

SYABAS has just takenver PUAS. We have seen a glimpse of the new management yesterday. The monthly Management Seminar was held yesterday and they were only finished at 12.30am! And that's not actually finished. They had to go to some more presentations from districts respectively and a few other deparments. All that just to make sure that Tan Sri got a grip on what former PUAS operations are all about.... He's from PNSB, what operations do they have other than a few treatment plants to look after over Selangor????

I don't know why I'm taking the time to blog at this hour. I should be doing the minute and go through my to-do list. I think the Antaragrafik people are here already. Ok that's my cue.

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