Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm on semester break!

I suddenly found this huge amount of time. I mean really HUGE. I have week nights and weekends free. Well maybe not to you, but it is that huge if you're studying part time. I was so used to worry about assignments and studying every moment every day, now for the next 3 months I am free! So I've been this free only for a week, I got my room cleaned up - got it into much neater state (heh) by bringing in 3 new proper furnitures - a bed, a study table and a wardrobe. Now everything is in its place and happy.

I'm not going to take pictures of my room (sorry Kak Watiey heheh) - it's such a sacred place for me. But they are very similar like these, except mine all in dark wood colour:



Ok that's done and now last night I started looking at Django + PostgreSQL + Python in general. Was kinda slow, I have this habit of looking too far ahead (maybe it's thinking too much) so I was worried that I would ruin my laptop in the future by blindly install everything inside. Typical woman? Being paranoid of nothing? Yea jumping in too early is not my thing, I'm scared if anything goes wrong. Laptop dies, application breaks, stuff happens yes I know but I don't want it to be because I didn't do my best to prevent it from happening.

Anyway, yea I'm embracing this temporary new found freedom - will put it to good use. Was so tempting to watch TV (I LOVE WATCHING TV - enough said) at nights but like my mom says "TV will be there forever waiting for you, go do something else better" so no worries there. Besides, I like programming. It's like a drug. I remember Harish Pillay said during 2009, "How do you think an author wins an award for his/her book? He/She probably reads alot of other books to write it. So, how do you be good in programming? You read alot of codes."

I love that man.


  1. virtualenv to the rescue :)

  2. yeah!! virtualenv ftw

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